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Walking With The Dinosaurs Great Fun


Walking With Dinosaurs is fantastic.  I just returned form opening night at the ACC and it was better than I expected.  And no, I'm not just saying that because I saw it for free, although free tickets totally rule for two reasons.  1) They're primo seats - we were in the 2nd row. 2) They're free.

If you don't know what Walking With the Dinosaurs is about, it's essentially the history of dinosaurs as told by a paleontologist who takes us back 170 million years or so.  While he tells the story of dinosaurs, they walk the floor of the ACC in very realistic fashion.  They look great, move wonderfully and tell a great story.  I loved it and my three year old absolutely adored every minute.

It kept her up past her bedtime and she fell asleep in my arms between Union and St. George stations meaning I got to carry her all the way home.  Like I said, it was an awesome night, but I'm glad to be back in 2008.

Here's a little video I took.  And yes, that is my daughter yelling at the dinosaurs.  She was warning them of impending danger all night.

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