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Six Feet Surface


Lew lives in British Columbia and he sent me a note this morning.

Another foot today in Campbell River - this makes 6 in all. There are also 8 young men; in the same time frame gone missing???

Lew knows I'm following the severed foot watch in BC. My last update was May 26 when a fourth right foot washed ashore near Nanaimo.  Now, in the span of a week, two more sneakered feet have been found in Campbell River.  That's six feet in less than a year.

The Times Columnist does a good recap of this mystery.

The first foot was found in a size-12 sneaker last Aug. 20 on Jedediah Island, between Lasqueti and Texada islands.
The second foot, in a size-12 Reebok, was found on Gabriola Island, off Nanaimo, six days later.
The third foot was found on Valdes Island, south of Gabriola, on Feb. 8.
The fourth was found on May 22 on Kirkland Island, off Richmond.
The fifth was found off Westham Island in Ladner on Monday.
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