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Sundin a Hab? A Strange Day in Toronto Sports


Am I living in the bizarro world?  This is turning out to be one heck of a strange sports news day in Toronto.

First Cito returns, sending us straight back to the glory days in the early 90s, and now comes word from the Maple Leafs that the Montreal Canadiens have been given permission to talk to Toronto captain Mats Sundin.  If the Habs work out a deal with Sundin before July 1, we would receive some form of compensation.

Now, I still think Sundin will sign with the Leafs for next season, but let's examine the ramifications if Sundin plays for Montreal in 2008/2009.  Remember when Sundin refused to waive his no-trade clause?  While many were calling Sundin selfish and demanding he accept a trade to better our future I called him Loyalty Personified.  I assumed that loyalty meant Sundin would retire a Leaf.

Mats, if you're reading this, and I'll bet you are, you have two choices: retire or sign for one more year with Toronto.  If you're a Hab next season you will not be forgiven for refusing to waive your no-trade clause in February.  What I once labelled Loyalty Personified will be rebranded Disloyalty Incarnate.

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