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Ken Griffey Jr. Gets Screwed by Bonds and Sosa


Ken Griffey Jr. should sue Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa. Griffey just joined the 600 club and it's barely registered as buzz-worthy.  Griffey is the sixth player in baseball history to join the exclusive club, but he's the third in recent years.  There's one big difference between Griffey, Bonds and Sosa, however.  Griffey did it clean.

No, I don't know for a fact that Griffey did it clean, but I believe he did.  His body type didn't change over the past twenty years and he's never mentioned in allegations or reports on the matter.  I'm comfortable saying Griffey is the first clean member of the 600 club since Hank Aaron became the third player to hit the mark.  That deserves more attention than this.

When I was a kid, I knew every player in the 500 club.  The 600 club, however, was something special, as only one man belonged to it.  Willie Mays at 660 stood alone, third overall.

I'm just sorry Griffey was slowed so by injuries these past several seasons.  It would be sweet to see him supplant Bonds at #1.

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