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Cheering For Laundry: The Hiring of Ron Wilson


There was a Seinfeld episode with that phrase, cheering for laundry, used by Jerry to describe what people were really doing when they cheered their favourite sports team. They were cheering for the jerseys.  For all of my life, I've been cheering for the blue and white uniform donned by my Toronto Maple Leafs.

I've been trying to show restraint lately when it comes to Maple Leaf-related entries.  I'm evolving (devolving?) into a self-loathing Leafs fan.  I friggin' love this team yet I hate the way it's being managed by MLSE.  I love laundry.

This entire GM search is being handled in typical MLSE fashion.  The GM we clearly desire is under contract with another team for next season, so we're interviewing and hiring his buddies while we wait for him to become available.  Today we signed Ron Wilson up to coach this team.  Wilson is a long-time pal of Brian Burke.

You don't hire the coach before the GM, so this is a clear indication that Burke is our next GM.  How can there be a GM in Anaheim who is all but certain to be coaching another team next season, if not earlier?  Only in Leafs Nation is this kind of chaos possible.

Welcome aboard, Ron.  There's no Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau or Jonathan Cheechoo on this team.  I hope you're a good chef, because we need you to turn chicken shit into chicken salad.

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