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2008 Playoff Pool: Day Fifty-Three


I played a late night double header last night for Raging Storm and the hockey game was already in overtime when I got in my car and turned on the radio.  There's nothing better than a potential Stanley Cup clinching game in OT.  It was riveting radio.

When the second overtime concluded, I hit the hay.  I just couldn't last any longer.  We had just won two hard fought ball games and no matter how you sliced it, the Pens weren't going to be hoisting the cup.  I awoke to learn the good guys had prevailed and we get a game six in Pittsburgh.  Awesome.

In the pool, the fight for 2nd is super tight with Alexi clinging to a one point lead over Patino.  The tie breaker is whoever has the most players from the cup winning team.  We might need it this year.

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