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Throw a Party and Have Nobody Show Up


I've never met Buffalo Boy Mike.  He's a big Humble & Fred fan who discovered this blog when I worked with Humble and Fred on their podcasts.  I worked with Buffalo Boy on his blog, so I follow his entries with great interest.

Earlier in the week I wrote about Buffalo Boy's Police ticket.  He's got an extra ticket to see The Police at the HSBC Arena and he'll give it to anyone who leaves a comment on this entry.  You just have to name your price and say why you want the ticket.

Here's the thing... Buffalo Boy has been running this contest all week and nobody has entered.  The deadline was last night at midnight, but he's extended it another 24 hours.

I've considered running similar promotions, but my great fear is that nobody will step up.  It's like throwing a party and having nobody show up.  It's pretty humiliating.  I feel awfully bad for Buffalo Boy.

Buffalo Boy, don't take it personally. I'll bet there are interested people out there, but they're practising good safety sense by not agreeing to attend a concert with someone they don't know in the "real world".  I'll bet if you offered both tickets, you'd have a few bites.

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