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Home Run - We Got The Blue Jays (R.B.I. Single Version)


Things are going from bad to worse for our Blue Jays.  We lost 6 in a row until I single handedly pulled us out of our funk by sharing Shaker's Rap.  We won that day, but we haven't won since, so I'm pulling out the heavy artillery.

Joel sent me this song he recently ripped to MP3 from a single he had in his collection.  It's called "We Got The Blue Jays" and this is the R.B.I. Single Version.  Yes, there were other versions.

Even if you're not a Jays fan, I highly recommend clicking play below.  This is a really catchy, surprisingly decent tune.  It's guaranteed win night, Toronto.  We Got The Blue Jays!

Other awesome Blue Jays audio:

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