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Politics in the Age of YouTube


YouTube has become such a ubiquitous facet of the web, it's hard to believe this year's American presidential election will be the first one since YouTube was created back in 2005.

Before YouTube, we had video on the web, but we didn't have dummy-proof embedding that makes it laughably easy for anyone to add a YouTube video to his or her blog, home page, Facebook page or MySpace page.  Everything is different now.  There's absolutely no place to hide.

This video, currently making the rounds, is called "McCain's YouTube Problem Just Became A Nightmare".  The mainstream press don't control all channels of information like they have in the past.  Clips like this will spread virally because they're both compelling and revealing.  Of course, it's a two way street, and similar montages will show up to stain Obama's run.  I just hope they won't all feature Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

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