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I Wish They'd Have Left It Alone


From the moment they announced they were making a new Indiana Jones movie, I didn't like it.  As a kid, I loved the trilogy.  Next to the Star Wars trilogy, the Indiana Jones films were money in the bank to this youngster.  Still, from the moment I heard there'd be a fourth, I've been sort of dreading it.

Now that the marketing drive is in full effect, I'm wondering if I'm the only one not looking forward to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  I find when it comes to films and characters I loved as a kid, they do nothing but disappoint me when I revisit them as an adult.  I already know I'm going to be disappointed by the new Indiana Jones and I'm ensuring I don't find out for at least another year when I catch it on TMN.

I just wish they'd leave some things alone.

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