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Three Prong Attack


I saw the sports doc today.  I was feeling pretty down about myself last week when I hit my 3k wall, so it was good to reassess everything and come up with a modified game plan.

There is now a three prong attack.

1. X-RAY - I'm getting an x-ray of my hip, pelvis and knee.  It's time to look for structural damage.

2. Nuclear Imaging - I'm getting a bone flow and scan of my right leg and pelvis.  This involves me getting injected with radioactive fluid to provide functional information to complement the structural infomation.

3. Beating the Crap Outta Me - I've got these trouble spots on my right side that need to be worked on aggressively.  This is extremely painful.  The spots are already tender and sore, and Hooster is going to work at it until I cry uncle, and then he's going to work on it some more.  They want to kick this up a notch and beat the shit out of me for an hour at a time, twice a week.

Doc still thinks I'll be running this spring.  After he beat me up this afternoon, I'm afraid to do anything but agree with him.

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