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I'm Going To Be Rich


A couple of months ago I wrote about a business proposal I got from a Taiwan Business Bank.  Apparently there's $44.5m USD sitting in a dormant account and the account holder is dead. They can't find a living relative, so Mr. Hsu is willing to let me pose as the relative to the deceased client in position to receive the $44.5m USD.

I thought it would be funny that day to write an entry as if I believed the email and was excitedly  taking Mr. Hsu up on his generous offer.  I just assumed everyone would assume I was savvy enough not to fall for such an obvious scam and that you too would find amusement in my celebratory entry.

Since I wrote that entry I've received dozens of notes from concerned netizens alerting me to the fact it's a scam.  The best is when people try to point out the flaws in logic as proof it can't be real.

The purpose of this entry is to assure everyone that I didn't actually fall for Ching-Hua Hsu, Executive Vice President, Head Auditor Wealth Management Division of Taiwan business Bank, Taiwan's little ploy.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have someone willing to sell me his Bre-X stocks for mere pennies on the dollar.  I really am going to be rich!

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