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Montreal's Mayhem Makes Me Mad

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Call me old school, but I don't believe in hitting the streets in celebration until your team has won it all.  In years past, when the Leafs would win a playoff round or two, I'd cringe when I'd hear about the mini-parades and street celebrations.  I've only hit the streets in celebration twice in my life: when the Jays won the World Series in 1992 and 1993.

The Montreal Canadiens, seeded 1st in the East, took out the 8th seed Boston Bruins in seven games.  After the victory, street celebrations in Montreal turned violent as vandals torched and smashed more than a dozen police vehicles and damaged local businesses.

Where do I start... It's the first bloody round.  The Canadiens haven't won anything yet.  Eight team will advance this far.  Street celebrations are for championships, not for winning a single series against the 8th seed.

As for the violence, I've never understood that aspect of sports.  I suspect there's a group of mayhem seekers who look for any opportunity to torch a cop's car.  I remember a GNR concert getting cancelled at the old Forum and Montrealers did the same thing then.  Maybe it's a Montreal thing?

Whatever it is, it's embarrassing.  I hope the Habs bow out in four next round.  I hope Cristobal Huet shoves crow down their collective throats.  Go ABM go!

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