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Some Things I Don't Get...

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There are some things I just don't get.

I don't get curling.  It's shuffleboard on ice, right?  I hate the way I feel un-Canadian in my disinterest, but I just don't care about this sport.

I don't get Justin Timberlake.  I guess he's a handsome guy, but is he that great a singer?  He sounds like a low-rent Michael Jackson to my ears.  Every time I see him in a movie I cringe.  I think you have to be female to get JT.

I don't know why we always greet each other with "how are you?" or "how's it going?"  All hell could be breaking loose and the answer would still be "fine" or "pretty good".  Do we even want honest answers to these questions?  I think a nod of the head should be suffice.

I don't understand why some people think John Tavares has a case as to why he should be eligible for the next entry draft.  This is the fairest of rules, if you're born after a certain date, you're ineligible.  There's no grey here, it's as black and white as it gets.  I'd like to see Tavares in the NHL next season but I don't see how he has a case for eligibility.

I don't get people who only check email once a week, if that often.  Cito needs answers and can't wait 7+ days for a reply.  This is 2007, check your email, dagnabbit!


I don't get why NFL fans have to laugh at the CFL.  Why can't NFL fans in Toronto just leave the CFL and CFL fans be?  Do they have to laugh at us and call the league "Mickey Mouse"?  It's not very nice.

I don't understand how a pair of running shoes can cost $150.  It's just a little fabric, some rubber and gel.  My new pair hardly weighs a thing but they cost me a small fortune.  I know there's research and development to pay for, but c'mon.  The price of decent running shoes is out of whack.

I don't get MuchMusic these days.  I know I'm too old for MuchMusic, but it used to be a fairly cool station.  There were music videos and interesting complementary programming, and now there's just reality crap, unfunny fromage-type shows and reruns of The OC.  MuchMusic has gone from hero to zero.

I don't understand why I can't develop a taste for veggies.  I want to like veggies, I really do, but I don't.  I'm a wannabe salad guy whose body rejects the notion.

I don't get the allure of Billy Crystal.  Someone's going to have to explain that one to me.  City Slickers wasn't bad, and When Harry Met Sally... was good for a chick flick, but man, I find him annoying and very unfunny.

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