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Guaranteed Win Night


I'm going to preface this entry by assuring you that I don't believe there's a snowball's chance in hell that the Leafs will qualify for the post-season this year.  I'd put it at 1%.  It's just not going to happen.

Still, the media likes to create hype and Maple Leaf hype is tied to hope.  As a result, you're reading and hearing everywhere that the Leafs have to sweep the home-at-home with the Flyers.  They're calling it "do or die", even though this team has been dead for weeks.

Since some are holding on to this 1% possibility and hanging their hopes on a sweep of the Flyers, this is guaranteed win night.  As usual, with it being too late the Leafs will come up big and create a sliver of drama tomorrow.  We'll lose large tomorrow night, but tonight we can't lose.

There's still a half an hour to go.  You might want to put a toonie on this one.

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