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Quentin Jerome Tarantino Tribute


A couple of years ago I listed my ten favourite movies of all time.  On that list you'll find four of Quentin Tarantino's six films, and when I put that list together he had only directed five movies.  That meant I found 80% of the man's career worthy of my top ten movies list.

So yeah, I'm a Tarantino fan.  You'll find a lot of guys my age are pretty big Tarantino fans.  I think Scorsese is great, I love Coppola's work, I respect the hell out of Stanley Kubrick and think old Woody Allen and Joel and Ethan Coen are top notch, but there's no better director for my tastes than Quentin Jerome Tarantino.

Here's an awesome tribute to his six films that I just stumbled upon.

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