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Monster Jam 2008


As mentioned, I spent last night at the entertainment complex formerly known as SkyDome and witnessed Monster Jam 2008.  James and I both had a blast, it's far more fun than you'd imagine.

It reminded me of the 80s when I'd attend wrestling at Maple Leaf Gardens or Exhibition Stadium.  Grave Digger is Hulk Hogan.  He, if a car can be a he, has the biggest fan base and gets to freestyle last.  The crowd goes nuts for Grave Digger, the salty old vet that was popular when I was a kid.  Superman's driver actually dresses in a Superman suit, Monster Mutt is a big hit with the kids because he looks like a dog and more than a few kids had tee shirts supporting Taz and Bulldozer.  If you ask this guy, the most entertaining monster truck all night was something called Safe Auto Minimizer.  Safe Auto Minimizer needs an image makeover.  Might I suggest The Dungeon Master or Mudslinger?

It might not raise the IQ or add culture to the diet, but it's three hours of fun, and that ain't so bad.  Here's my Flickr photoset from the event.

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