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Happy 6th Birthday, James


Am I really the proud father of a six year old?  Time flies when you're having fun, and James has made these past six years more fun than a barrel of monkeys at Monster Jam.

It's fitting James turns six on the day of the NFL playoffs because I was preparing to watch the Rams and Packers when I got the call to haul my ass to Women's College Hospital.  It was January 20, 2002, and I had no idea what to expect from fatherhood.  I've since learnt it's essentially one mind-blowing moment after another and that I have the greatest son on the planet.

<parentalgush>James is bright, inquisitive, sweet, a good brother, an amazing son, full of spirit with passion in the belly.  He's naturally kind and generous, careful never to hurt a fly and a very hard worker.  In other words, James is all the best parts of his parents in one adorable package.  He's already a far cooler dude than his old man and I love him to death.</parentalgush>

Here's the best of James' first six years.  Happy 6th Birthday, son!

Mike and James
Family Portrait
James at Skydome
Taryn and James
Go Leafs Go
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