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Jill Kicks Cancer's Ass, Labels Me Hero


In June I wrote about Jill's Squamous Cell Carcinoma with a T2 tumour.  Although she recognized me once at an Argos game, I only knew Jill through her comments on this blog and then her own.  I followed her fight online as she wrote about the difficult ordeal and today she published a big update.

I am HAPPY to say my fear has been alleviated and as the doctor read the negative results from all tissue samples I cried tears of happiness and joy.

That's great news, but it gets better.  In that entry, I'm listed as one of her heroes.  I got a partial credit for the cancer ass-kicking.  That's pretty damn cool.

It's also pretty damn cool Jewelgurl is on the mend.  I miss her comments over here.  Someone has to counter-balance the OJ crusade.

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