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Observations From A Soccer Naysayer


I'm not fanatical about my disinterest in soccer.  Some who dislike the sport are passionate about their hatred and exert a great deal of energy ripping into devotees.  That's not me, I never played the sport and therefore never developed an interest.  Now, I think it's just too late for me.

Although I'm not a fan, I don't live under a rock, so I'm well aware of the local hype surrounding last night's game between Toronto FC and the LA Galaxy.  20,522 filled BMO Field by the Ex in the hopes that David Beckham would make his Major League Soccer debut.  20,522 got a double dose of disappointment.  Not only did Beckham sit on the bench for the entire game nursing an ankle injury, but no goals were scored in the match.  20,522 missed Beckham in a 0-0 final.

Toronto FC hasn't scored a goal in four games.  The fact I don't dig the sport is a blessing.  I'm missing out on some major league disappointment.

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