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2007 Grey Cup Headliner


We're hosting the 2007 Grey Cup in November, and I hear tickets for the big game are almost sold out.  That's good news because nothing would be more embarrassing than a chunk of empty seats for the Grey Cup at the venue formerly known as SkyDome.

They announced a pretty strong lineup of concerts for the occasion. Barenaked Ladies, Blue Rodeo, Great Big Sea, Spirit of the West and Lowest of the Low sounds pretty sweet to these ears.  BNL won't be the headliners as they haven't announced the halftime show yet.  The big question of the day is, who's it going to be?

I would hope it's a Canadian band with a local flavour and more cache than BNL, and that only leaves us with a few options.  It could be Rush, a local favourite and worthy headliner.  I'd suggest the Hip, but they performed the halftime show at a Grey Cup quite recently.  They may go poppy and hit us with Avril Lavigne, or perhaps they'll go old school and throw us a Band reunion or Gordon Lightfoot.

Who do you think will be performing during halftime of our Grey Cup this fall?

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