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We finished season two of Lost yesterday.  Many of you reading this already know details from season three, so please treat me like a mushroom and keep me in the dark while feeding me shit.  I'm probably a year away from delving into season three.

Lost is a show that intrigues me and infuriates me all at once.  I keep coming back for more, so I clearly like it, but it pisses me off.  *Season Two Spoiler Alert*  First they show Libby in that insane asylum, then she's giving Desmond his boat and now we're to believe that Desmond's old flame is somehow surveying the island, brother?  What happened to that polar bear in season one?  Is the series finale going to show this is all Bob Newhart's dream?

Argh, I don't know what's going on but I just hope the writers do.  There had better be a story here and they better not drag it on for ten years.  Of course, I'm evidence that even the frustrated return for more punishment.

Psst... if you have the episodes thus far in season three on DVD, let me know...

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