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The Comfy Couches at Brennan Hall


I could get used to this type of non-winter.  It's 5° right now in downtown Toronto and the sun is shining.  I've just returned from the most refreshing walk.

I decided to just walk without a destination in mind, and I ended up at the University of Toronto's St. Mike's College.  I just sort of organically gravitated there, most likely because I spent many an hour lounging at Brennan Hall between classes back when I attended St. Michael's College at U of T.

They had comfy couches and a television in the cafeteria making it a great place to crash when your next class wasn't for another 90 minutes.  Here's a picture I just took of Brennan Hall.  I wonder if those couches are still as comfy as I remember...

St. Mike's College @ U of T
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