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He Got The Train Through!


I just wrote about the Elmo and Zooey bit I do with the kids.  We've been playing that boo / yay game for over a year now.  There was actually a time last year when Michelle refused to wear her Elmo pyjamas because she didn't think I'd like them.  I had to assure her that I actually (gulp) like Elmo and love those pjs, but I pretend I don't like Elmo for that game.  Kids can be so gullible.

Enough about the new school Sesame Street.  As a youngster raised on the show, my all-time favourite bit was Cookie Monster as Casey McPhee getting that train through.  I loved the song, I loved the avalanche effect and I loved the outcome.

Bless YouTube and whoever shared this clip.  Here's the aforementioned piece from the classic Sesame Street days of my youth.

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