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Elmo and Zooey? Boooooo!!!


There's an running gag in our house regarding Elmo and his gal pal Zooey.  They are Sesame Street characters that weren't around in my Sesame Street watching days, so whenever James or Michelle say their names, I give them a angry "Booooooo!!".  They have to throw me a Cookie Monster, Oscar or old school character to get me to "Yaaaayyyy!!!"

If you're a sucker for nostalgia, and someone who watched Sesame Street in the 70s, you'll love this entry on the five forgotten Sesame Street characters.  They focus on Prairie Dawn, Herry Monster, Don Music, Roosevelt Franklin and Sam the Super-Automated Robot.

I must confess, I don't recall Roosevelt Franklin or Sam the Super-Automated Robot, but I remember the others well.  They are the forgotten five, replaced by the Elmos and Zooeys of the neighbourhood.


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