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Blame Canada, Of Course


20th Century Fox blames Canada for film piracy.  "Canada has become a hotbed for film piracy," Bruce Snyder, Fox president of U.S. distribution, said in this article. "It's a serious problem."

Apparently it has something to do with the fact we can't get arrested for bringing a camcorder into a movie theatre.  In the USA, you can.  As a result, we're all recording movies Kramer-style and flooding the world with bootleg copies of new releases.

Fox is even threatening to release movies in Canada at a later date.  They're completely serious when they suggest we're the root of this film piracy evil.

Go ahead and deprive us of your crappy films.  I'm sure that will clear this problem right up.  I know I'm always hankering for a camcordered copy of "Stomp the Yard" or "The Hitcher".

When all else fails, blame Canada.

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