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Great Videos: Money For Nothing


A great song and an instant video classic collided in an explosive frenzy with Dire Strait's "Money For Nothing".  At the time, these computer generated images were pretty cutting edge.

In grade seven, my classmate Marc brought in this song to play for the class.  It was all part of a class project where we had to share a piece of music and discuss the lyrics.  I remember Marc getting in some trouble because the word "faggot" was in there three times.

While we're on the topic of "Money For Nothing" lyrics, Marc and I had an interested debate prior to his presentation.  Was he singing "hawaiian noises" or "how are ya noises"?  We correctly agreed it was "hawaiian noises".  In the days before Google, we actually had to debate such things.  Imagine that.

Here are the other videos covered in this continuing series.

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