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Abandoning the NFL for the CFL


My brothers still ridicule me for abandoning the NFL for the CFL.  When I mentioned I was going to the Argonaut game tonight, they sort of yawned.  To them, watching a a preseason Titans~Texans game on television is infinitely more exciting.  I respect their preference, one shared by many in this city, but I stand soundly by my decision.

Let's review the sequence of events that led to this radical epiphany.

  • Buffalo chooses Rob Johnson over Doug Flutie - This was the spark.
  • Argos Win 2004 Grey Cup - In this entry I come clean about the Flutie-Johnson controversy and my decision to "screw the NFL".
  • Doug Flutie Announces His Retirement - The Magic Flutie calls it a career.
  • Unparalleled Argo Buzz - Ricky Williams signs with the Argos.
  • James' First Game - James and I watch Ricky's Argonaut debut and meet him after the game.
  • Paul Stops the Pool - For years I participated in an NFL pool but this year Paul didn't run it.  No pool meant no reason to read analysis, follow trends or even check schedules.

I'll be there tonight as we play to clinch the division title.  Argoooos!!!

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