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A Sweet Sweep


Are you interested in a challenge?  Try and go the day without using your left thumb.  Late in the second game of our double header sweep last night at Diamond Beach, I jammed the thumb in my catching hand into the shoulder of a charging base runner at second base.  I figure it just needs some time, but last night I couldn't unbutton my jersey with the hand and today I couldn't open a zip lock bag.  You should have seen me trying to change my daughter's diaper this morning.  If there are any medical professionals out there, please advise.  Do I just wait it out?  Could it be broken?  Will I ever have the use of my thumb again?

As for the games, it was a unique double header because we faced two different opponents.  In game one, we absolutely dominated.  It was 18-2 but we could have won by more.  In game two, the first three opposing batters to the plate scored, and we knew we were in for a game.  Our defense was awesome and some timely hitting bailed us out.  A sweet sweep is worth a sore thumb.

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