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Smuggling Contraband Past Security


There were quite a few shootings in Toronto last weekend.  There were even a couple of homicides, so it's no wonder large gatherings like rock concerts hire security.  When my top secret guest and I entered Fort York on Saturday, we were patted down to ensure we weren't bringing contraband onto the premises.

My guest had her purse searched, and that's when she was busted.  They detected an illegal substance and refused to let her proceed.  Was it a bag of coke?  Was it a few ounces of pot?  No and no, it was a Kit Kat and Aero.

Always quick on my feet, I asked if we could eat the chocolate bars at the gate before the scanning of our tickets.  The security guard agreed that would be acceptable and I began chowing down the Kit Kat.  Meanwhile, we slipped the Aero bar back in the purse.  When I was throwing out the wrapper the security guard double checked that we had in fact devoured both bars and I mumbled a yep, joked that I was full and threw a wink to my guest.

From what I hear, a chocolate bar never tasted so good.  The forbidden fruit tastes sweetest and the illegal contraband you smuggle into Fort York is the top of the food chain.

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