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The Great SLS X-Post Experiment


Henry David Thoreau was on to something when he said "simplify".  Actually, he said it twice and it would have been more economical had he said it but once.  Why double the effort if you don't have to?

The same principles can be applied to SLS.  We started the SLS blog a couple of years ago, but rarely do Mark or I actually write an entry.  Having said that, I frequently write SLS-related entries on my personal blog.  What if, when I write an SLS themed entry on my personal site, it automatically showed up on the SLS blog?  That's the kind of simplification HDT was talking about!

And so begins the great SLS cross posting experiment.  If successful, this entry will appear simultaneously on both my personal site and Smells Like Sour.  What an age we live in.

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