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Anyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to  I received the following entry earlier today.

An amazing sight driving to & home from work today. The sight of a plane crash with pieces of fuselage, etc, clothing, baggage, destroyed cars, etc. strewn all over Goreway Dr. between Derry Rd. & Zahavy Way (behind Woodbine racetrack). Working by the airport we were informed of what was happening but for those driving to the airport have no idea. So realistic my heart shuttered -so EEEERRRRIE. Tomorrow & Sunday the film is shooting. From Shaftesbury Services Inc. - a Film by the BBC.
I couldn't invision the real thing. The road will be closed tomorrow & Sunday as actors will be present (a gruesome sight). The PROBLEM I have with this situation is that there is not 1 sign saying this is a MOVIE - just the road will be closed for the weekend. 680 news has told listeners every 10-15 minutes for the last 2 days that this sight is a movie shoot.

Visiting my offiical resource for such things, it seems to be a mini-series entitled "The State Within".  I was hoping it was "Snakes on a Plane 2".

I just got back from the airport, had I seen that wreakage it would have freaked me out.  You'd think they'd have a clear sign indicating it was staged.  If anybody has a picture of this scene, let me know.

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