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Anyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to  I received the following entry earlier today.

What up from Costa Rica!!!
So we finally left Panama and made our way to Costa Rica today...we're in a beach town on the Carribean cost...Puerto's the kind of town where you Bob Marley is idolized in every shop you walk into...where everything is alright!!
Yesterday was our last day in we decided to go out with a bang. We were in a very popular beach town called Bocas Del Torro...know for it's beautiful islands and waves.  We decided to take a day tour of the islands...hello sun!! (more about my burn later).  Our first stop was Isla Zapatillo...about 40 minutes out...we passed over huge waves to make it to our Robinson Crusoe (spelling??) island.  Here, we found ourselves on a white sand beach with massive waves knocking us on our butts...good times! Next stop...and this was on of my favourites...was set in the middle of the ocean..well, not literally...right ontop of coral reef.  Snorkeling in coral reef has to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever done.  After that we headed to an island where we ate lunch and did some more snorkeling. Right off the dock of the restaurant were hundreds of fish swimming we hopped right in and swam with them...I was surrounded by fish!! was quite the experience.  After our food digested we headed to some mangroves where we did more snorkeling.  When I was in Ecuador a few years ago I worked in the mangroves, but I never had a chance to see whats going on under the water.  It's a crazy world down there! We saw starfish, jellyfish...big ones...tones of coral and lots of fishes.  It was a good day...except for the massive burn that I have on my lower legs (however I do have two wonderful white spots on my kneecaps that for whatever reason did not get burned...awesome)...and my I'm paying for all my snorkeling today...that's for sure!
I hope everyone is doing great!...I'll give you the low down on Costa Rica next week.

Jordy and Kic are fellow members of Raging Storm who have embarked on a wild and crazy adventure.  If we're lucky, we'll hear more from them in the coming weeks.

I wonder if they're airing the Pat LaFontaine tribute live in Costa Rica right now?

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