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What Would Homer Do?


Earlier today I was invited to a holiday luncheon featuring a bunch of sushi.  I'm not really a sushi guy, but I immediately thought of Homer.  Homer wasn't a sushi guy either, but he tried it for Lisa and ended up loving it.  Of course, it almost killed him, but that's not the point.  The point is he didn't think he'd enjoy eating raw fish but he did.

Earlier today I reminisced about my U of T days living in a bachelor apartment, even though I wasn't a bachelor.  We were really poor but we scored this great rent near the heart of the city and within walking distance of the university.  We needed a place to put our books and my thoughts immediately turned to Homer.  When Homer went back to college, he altered his room at home so it was more college-student-like.  He made a makeshift bookshelf from four planks and six cinder blocks which he stole from a construction site.  I had the answer.  I would do what Homer did.

I found some suitable planks and, instead of stealing them from a construction site, I purchased eight cinder blocks from Home Depot and built a highly functional, very Homer-esque bookshelf that served us well for years.  I intend to dig up, scan and share an old photo of this bookshelf I built in 1996.

Homer was right about the planks and cinder blocks and I'll bet he's right about sushi too.  Whenever I'm in need of answers, I wonder to myself "What would Homer do?".

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