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The Monday Shuffle


Every Monday I shuffle my entire MP3 collection in iTunes and list the first ten songs that play.  Here are the ten tunes I heard today with a personal story about one of them.

  1. Open Your Eyes - Goldfinger
  2. The Beating Of A High School Bus Driver - Adam Sandler
  3. Bull In The Heather - Sonic Youth
  4. Gun Control - Ian Hunter
  5. Broken Gun - Beck
  6. A Minute To Pray - Scarface
  7. Don't Wake Daddy - The Tragically Hip
  8. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown - Frank Sinatra
  9. How To Kill A Radio Consultant (The DJ Chuck Chillout Mega Murder Boom) - Public Enemy
  10. Sing - Travis

I'm looking forward to the weekends when I can tell James and Michelle "Don't Wake Daddy".  Since James came around almost four years ago, Taryn and I have been following a rather fair and simple system.  We each get one day during the weekend when we can sleep in.

James is almost four, so he's starting to sleep in himself until about 09:00.  Michelle, however, is still waking up around 07:30 and that means somebody has to get up with her.  When she's of an age when she doesn't need adult supervision the moment she gets out of bed, I'll be quoting The Hip.  "You can drop the bomb that restores the calm then promises rebirth.  Just don't wake daddy."

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