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Are We There Yet?

A Movie Reel

Are We There Yet?: 2 out of 10.

Following a frustrating Leafs loss we decided to watch "Are We There Yet?".  I was a big Ice Cube fan from his days with NWA and as a solo artist and I've never forgotten his role in "Boyz n the Hood".  How bad could "Are We There Yet?" be?

Don't see this film.  We weren't even able to survive the 95 minutes.  It's nauseatingly sanitized crud that is far too dumb for anyone over the age of.... hmmmm... I'll say five, that it's probably safer to say four.  There are no redeeming qualities.  Even the kids are obnoxious and hateful.  On Ice Cube's excellent "The Wrong Nigga To Fuck With" from his 1991 album Death Certificate he makes the following statement: "I'm platinum bitch and I didn't have to sell out. Fuck you Ice Cube, that's what the people say".  Cube, ya sold out big time and the people are indeed saying "fuck you Ice Cube".

We can handle the crossover to family-friendly Bill Cosby style, it's the total crap we can't stand.

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