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Clever Bastards at Sesame Workshop

Teddy Bear

Like his father before him, James has grown quite fond of Sesame Street.  He even owns a few Sesame Street DVDs which he loves playing.

The clever bastards at Sesame Workshop know exactly what they're doing.  In between new skits and bits on these DVDs they've sprinkled vintage segments from the late 70s and early 80s.  James will be watching his show when I'll suddenly hear "The Ladybug Picnic" echoing down the hall.  I'll run to the television only to be delighted by the sight of that old animation I watched as a toddler.  Then there's Ernie singing about his rubber ducky and Bert going on about his pigeons.  This retro flashback is there for one reason, to appeal to the parents who grew up watching Sesame Street.

It works like a charm and they know it.  James is happy, Daddy is happy and more DVDs show up in the collection.  Sure, James thinks it's his show and I'm watching to spend time with him, but the truth of the matter is I'm getting my late 70s Sesame Street fix and I'm loving it.  Clever bastards...

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