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My Car Radio Station Presets

Car Radio Station Presets

My car radio has two FM bands, each with five station presets.  Here are the current presets.


  1. 107.9 - Hamilton's Y108, a good little rock station
  2. 99.9 - Mix 99.9, a station I never listen to so why I preset it is a wonder
  3. 97.7 - HTZ FM out of St. Catherines, another solid rock station
  4. 102.1 - Edge102, formerly known as CFNY and my favourite station for over fifteen years
  5. 107.1 - Q107, there for the rare moments I need a classic rock fix


  1. 92.9 - WBUF out of Buffalo, another great rock station and Howard Stern in the mornings
  2. 94.9 - The Rock out of Oshawa, a good mix of classic and new rock
  3. 89.5 - CIUT, UofT university radio
  4. 93.5 - Flow 93.5, the only station I can find that regularly plays hip hop
  5. 99.1 - Toronto's CBC Radio1, great for news and current affairs
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