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Personal Message For Gord Downie

Seein' The Hip

Hi Gord, it's me, Mike.

If you're reading this, I'm a big fan of that sped up version of "At The Hundredth Meridian" you do live.  In fact, your sped up version has all but ruined the studio version for me.  I now find it way too slow when listening to Fully Completely.  If you wouldn't mind giving me another shot of that speed tonight, I'd dig it the most.  Also, while I've got your attention, I'm hoping "Bobcaygeon" makes tonight's setlist as well so we can holler in unison "That night in Toronto".  And finally, since I'm already wearing my #5 Bill Barilko jersey and we're at the ACC tonight where Barilko's #5 hangs from the rafters, would you mind hitting us with a dose of "50 Mission Cap"?  Ok, now I know I'm pressing my luck, but there are a few tunes I find you neglect during your live shows.  I'd love to hear "Cordelia", "Flemenco" and "38 Years Old".  Surprisingly, I've seen you guys perform live seven times previously and you've never played any of these songs a single time.  They're each highly under rated.

Thanks Gord, you guys rock.  I've been hooked since I first heard the opening of "Blow At High Dough" back in '89.  I still remember returning home from Sam the Record Man at Yonge and Dundas with Up To Here in my hand, giving it a spin and hearing that bluesy rock with a Canadian twist for the first time.  See ya tonight!

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