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AOL Really, Really Sucks

AOL Really, Really Sucks

I listen to a tonne of MP3s on my computer and my player of choice is Winamp 5.  I've grown quite fond of this application, far preferring it to Windows Media Player.  According to this article, Winamp may be on it's last legs.  Say it ain't so AOL, say it ain't so.

AOL, which acquired Winamp creators Nullsoft back in '99, is apparently abandoning the player.  "The last members of the original Winamp team have said goodbye to AOL and the door has all but shut on the Nullsoft era".  In case you were unaware, AOL really, really sucks.

Reading further about the impending demise my favourite digital audio player has led me to read some favourable reviews about Quintessential Player.  If time ever passes Winamp 5 by, I'll certainly give it a try.

AOL is killing Winamp.  Isn't it time Time Warner killed AOL?

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