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Last night during the great collapse at the ACC, Sabre goaltender Mika Noronen was credited with a goal when Robert Reichel inadvertently passed the puck into the empty Leaf cage.  Noronen became the eighth goalie in NHL history to be credited with a goal, an extremely rare feat.  As rare as it is, I saw one of the previous six instances live.

The only game I've ever seen at the Corel Centre in Ottawa was January 2nd, 1999 as the Senators took on the New Jersey Devils.  Ottawa won 6-0 and former Leaf Damien Rhodes didn't only record a shut out but he was credited with a goal when a Devils player inadvertently pulled a Robert Reichel. Here's  the ticket stub from the game.

Here's the entire list of NHL goalies to get credit for goals.

  • Billy Smith, NY ISlanders - November 28, 1979 vs. Colorado
  • Ron Hextall, Philadelphia - December 8, 1987 vs. Boston
  • Ron Hextall, Philadelphia - April 11, 1989 vs. Washington
  • Chris Osgood, Detroit - March 6, 1996 vs. Hartford
  • Martin Brodeur, New Jersey - April 17, 1997 vs. Montreal (playoffs)
  • Damian Rhodes, Ottawa - January 2, 1999 vs. New Jersey
  • Jose Theodore, Montreal - December 2, 2001 vs. NY Islanders
  • Evgeni Nabokov, San Jose - March 10, 2002 vs. Vancouver
  • Mika Noronen, Buffalo - February 14, 2004 vs. Toronto
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