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The Storm Centre

Storm Centre

We're in the midst of the worst snow storm to hit Toronto since 1999.  This morning in my car I tuned in 680News for a quick update on the road conditions.  The announcer was bragging in all seriousness about how the 680News Storm Centre had been up for 24 hours already.  That's right, they had set up this virtual Storm Centre to deal with this blast of typical January weather.

I wonder what setting up the Storm Centre entails exactly.  As far as I can tell, it's business as usual with more time devoted to the top story of the morning, our little snow storm.  Media outlets like 680News thrive when their listeners in are in a state of fear.  Listening to them you'd have thought we were all buried and trapped in our homes living off the food and drink we have stored away.  In reality, it's not that bad.  Really.

From the Storm Centre, I'm Mike Boon.

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