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State of Dubya


Today, Dubya is due to give his annual State of the Union Address.  The Independent has compiled some figures to give us an idea as to the real state of the union.  You'll want to take a look at this.  Here's a brief excerpt:

232: Number of American combat deaths in Iraq between May 2003 and January 2004
501: Number of American servicemen to die in Iraq from the beginning of the war - so far
0: Number of coffins of dead soldiers returning home from Iraq that the Bush administration has allowed to be photographed
0: Number of funerals or memorials that President Bush has attended for soldiers killed in Iraq
100: Number of fund-raisers attended by Bush or Vice-President Dick Cheney in 2003
1st: Rank of the US worldwide in terms of greenhouse gas emissions per capita
1st: George W Bush became the first American president to ignore the Geneva Conventions by refusing to allow inspectors access to US-held prisoners of war
58 million: Number of acres of public lands Bush has opened to road building, logging and drilling
200: Number of public-health and environmental laws Bush has attempted to downgrade or weaken

There's much more where this came from.  Of course, this has all been said before.  Never underestimate the S-factor.

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