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Howard Stern recently turned the big 5-0.  This morning they replayed an appearance from his birthday show by Triumph the Comic Insult Dog.  It was pretty damn funny.  I've seen and heard bits and pieces of Triumph the Comic Insult Dog on Conan, the MTV Video Awards and his latest single, "I Keed", so I was familiar with him.  For those who have never heard of him, he's essentially a dog puppet who roasts celebrities.  He'll rip someone to shreds by telling it like he is even if the target is present.  You may recall Eminem had an issue with this a couple of years back.

It's a funny bit, but I couldn't help but feel I've heard all of this before.  Hmmmm...lets see.  A puppet who makes fun of celebrities by telling it like it is...  Where have I seen and heard all this before?

Of course.  I've been seeing the near exact bit for almost a decade now from Ed the Sock.  My brothers and I used to watch Ed the Sock hosting a show on Rogers Cable 10 years and years ago with co-host Harland Williams.  Ed's "Fromage" year-end review show on MuchMusic is a show I won't miss.  Ed currently hosts "Ed's Night Party" every Friday night, and as his website proclaims, it's "still #1, beating Leno and Letterman two years running." He's hilarious, especially for a hand puppet sock.

As funny as Triumph the Comic Insult Dog is, he's forever indebted to his inspiration, Ed the Sock.  It's Deja Vu all over again.

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