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Monetary Figures


Lets do something crazy.  Lets do something radical.  Lets be bold.  Lets redesign our Canadian money.

We've all seen those same faces dozens of times.  Quite frankly, I'm getting bored of it.  The five dollar bill features Wilfred Laurier, the ten dollar bill features John A. MacDonald, the twenty dollar bill features Queen Elizabeth II, the fifty features William Lyon Mackenzie King and the one hundred dollar bill (which I almost never see) features Robert Borden.  I propose the following new faces in place of these tired standards.

$5 - Leslie Nielsen
$10 - The Group of Seven (yes, all of them)
$20 - Margaret Atwood
$50 - Gord Downie (50 Mission Cap, get it?)
$100 - Wayne Gretzky (#99 + Great 1 = 100)

Write your federal MP and support this endeavour.  Lets do this thang.

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