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Canadian Basketball

Why is it that Canada has such difficulty convincing its few NBA players to play for their nation?  Last night we lost a berth in the 2004 Olympic Games when we fell to Puerto Rico by a score of 66-79.

Where was Jamaal Magloire, Rick Fox or even Carl English?  As it was, only one Canadian NBA player gave up his summer to help us qualify for the next summer Olympic games.  When an American player is invited to join the USA basketball team, they're honoured to represent their country.  When a Canadian hockey player is invited to play for the red and white when the best is taking on the best, they too drop all for the cause. Why is Canadian basketball the exception?

We won't be in Athens, but don't place the blame on Steve Nash.  This man is a Canadian basketball god and single handedly carried our team into the final four.  This product of Victoria, BC is far and away the greatest basketball player our nation has ever produced.  We're not worthy.

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