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From Taurus to Fiesta - Final Thoughts on the Sedan

CarI've been driving a 2011 Ford Taurus SHO all week, but tomorrow it goes back to Ford. But instead of leaving Ford in my old '99 Mazda, I'll be leaving Ford with a brand spankin' new Ford Fiesta that literally arrived there today. I'll be taking that sucker camping, but before I swap the Taurus for the Fiesta, here are some final thoughts on the Taurus SHO.

SHO stands for Super High Output, and that's a pretty good term for it. The 3.5-liter turbo V-6 is mighty powerful and a pleasure to drive. I found myself going way out of my way on highways just to drive it, it was that much fun.

And the insides are ridiculously roomy. My Mazda's trunk can barely hold the baseball bag with bases and bats I slug around, but this Taurus trunk looks like it could fit four such bags. And this thing is comfy - from the Sync to the Sirius and keyless ignition, it's luxurious without being pretentious.

When Ford lends you these cars, you get a print out of what it would cost to own. Because this Taurus is fully loaded, the sticker price ended up close to 50k. Yes, that's a little out of my price range, but that's not why the Taurus isn't for me. It's a big sedan, and I'm a smaller car kind of guy.

pics 038

We'll see what I think of the Fiesta tomorrow.

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Push-Button Keyless Ignition? Now I've Seen Everything!

carI mentioned Ford has lent me a 2010 Ford Taurus SHO for the week. When you're coming from a '99 Protege with manual windows and locks, it's always a shock getting used to the modern conveniences a car like this has to offer.

One feature that's hard to get used to is the push-button keyless ignition. Absolutely no key required, in fact, there's no keyhole at all. To start this car, I press a button and press down on the brakes.


Starting a car without keys without having to hotwire. Now I've seen everything!

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Test Driving a 2011 Taurus AWD Limited

carThe gang at Ford and I go way back. A couple of years ago, they put me in a Ford Focus for a week. Then, last year, I got a Ford Fusion for a week. This summer, I'll be driving two cars, starting with the 2011 Ford Taurus AWD Limited I picked up yesterday.

To be honest, I like smaller cars. I always have, and I think I always will. I'm looking forward to next week when I get the Fiesta, but this Taurus has been a fun drive. It's sure roomy, and it's got the Sync technology so I can have fun with my iPod and Blackberry. Not to mention the navigation system and Sirius radio, so I can listen to Howard Stern. It's fully loaded with plenty of fun perks. My current car doesn't even have automatic windows.

There's another reason I wanted to try out the new Taurus. Many moons ago, I owned an '86 Ford Taurus. I bought it for $100 and drove it into the ground. It's the car I drove before I bought my current car, and I loved it.

Here's my old Taurus:

My '86 Taurus

Here's the 2011 Ford Taurus AWD Limited I'll be driving all week:

pics 036 pics 035 pics 038 pics 037

This will be fun.

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