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Test Driving a 2011 Taurus AWD Limited


The gang at Ford and I go way back.  A couple of years ago, they put me in a Ford Focus for a week.  Then, last year, I got a Ford Fusion for a week.  This summer, I'll be driving two cars, starting with the 2011 Ford Taurus AWD Limited I picked up yesterday.

To be honest, I like smaller cars.  I always have, and I think I always will.  I'm looking forward to next week when I get the Fiesta, but this Taurus has been a fun drive.  It's sure roomy, and it's got the Sync technology so I can have fun with my iPod and Blackberry.  Not to mention the navigation system and Sirius radio, so I can listen to Howard Stern.  It's fully loaded with plenty of fun perks.  My current car doesn't even have automatic windows.

There's another reason I wanted to try out the new Taurus.  Many moons ago, I owned an '86 Ford Taurus.  I bought it for $100 and drove it into the ground.  It's the car I drove before I bought my current car, and I loved it.

Here's my old Taurus:

My '86 Taurus

Here's the  2011 Ford Taurus AWD Limited I'll be driving all week:

pics 036
pics 035
pics 038
pics 037

This will be fun.

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