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Ode to the Video Store Guy

My kids will never know a world without the internet. As far as they're concerned, it's always been there, a pervasive connection to a massive database of facts and myths. Periodically, I'll remind them that I didn't surf the web until university. When I was 13, my buddies and I
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Hidden Tracks

Do you remember the first time you spun Nirvana's Nevermind? I do. I'd pop it in the CD player, and after "Something in the Way", I'd start it again. At some point I realized there was a whack of time left in the final track, after "Something in the Way"
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I Had the Confederate Flag in My Home

The Confederate flag is under attack. A symbol of slavery and racism, the South Carolina legislature is finally removing it from its State House grounds while stores are busy removing the emblem from shelves. Back when I was young and innocent, I played with the Confederate flag daily. My favourite
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Black's Was Photography

Black's (now stylized as BLACKS) was founded in 1930 with a store in Toronto on St. Clair Ave. Yesterday it was announced that the last 59 stores will be closed for good on August 8. The digital revolution has most of us taking photos with our phones (count me in
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Our Poor French Teacher

Throughout primary school, we had a French teacher who would pop in our class for 45 minutes or so on certain days of the week.  I'm sure there was (and is) a minimum number of hours French must be taught in Ontario, and we got that minimum. Looking back, we
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If It Ain't Broke

In grade 5, I wrote a speech about dreams. My teacher awarded me a spot delivering this speech in front of the entire school. That competition, however, was weeks away. During that gap, I started tweaking my presentation. One day, out of the blue, my teacher asked me to deliver
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Zach: The Lego Maniac

Zach (or is it Zack?) was a Lego maniac, or so the ads told claimed. I remember seeing this ad in 1987 and thinking the kid was pretty full of himself.  Look at him stacking away like it ain't no thing. As a card carrying member of the LEGO Club
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Libby's Zoodles Ad Uncovered

Over seven years ago, I wrote about that Zoodles ad.  I've known the words by heart since 1980 and I've never forgotten. FInally, thanks to Retrontario, I can see this old ad for Libby's Zoodles again.  Here it is. Related: I uncover the Alpha-Getti Gobbler ad.
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1986 W5H Metro Champs (Almost)

Not to brag or anything, but I led our "small Separate school" to a "Metro-wide second place showing" in the 1986 W5H competition. This article appeared in the Bloor West Villager.  I'm the cool looking guy in the front row who needed a haircut and tucked his shirt into his
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