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iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

I mentioned Virgin Mobile lent me a Samsung Galaxy S3 (or is it Galaxy SIII?) and I've enjoyed my time with it.  The 4G LTE speed is sweet, and Android 4.0 is incredible.  I sincerely hope Virgin Mobile lets me keep this device, or conveniently forgets they sent it to me in the first place.  Either option works for me.

Speaking of what works for me, this mobile platform does it for me, but my friends with the iPhone 5 seem just as happy, willing to give up a little display size for their OS of choice.  I've done a ton of Googling, and the review sites seem split.  Some prefer the Apple iPhone 5, others prefer the Samsung Galaxy S3, but all agree both phones are best-in-class.


So my question for you all is this: if you had to use a mobile device, and you had to choose between the Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5, and both were free, which one would you choose?  And yes, you have to choose one and only one!

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